Try These Breathing Techniques Next Time You Are In Stress

It is often observed that we are driven to extreme heart rates and faster breathing conditions during stress. The nervous system has a natural response to make the body ready to deal with stress, and this might not always be good for us. The nervous system often underestimates the emotion of fear, anxiety and stress, and it triggers a response that can pose a life threat. This can turn out to be a baggage that we have to carry for the rest of our lives until proper attention is given to it. Our minds get into a flight-or-fight phase, and it tends to remain so until adequately healed. It might be road rage, sticking to deadlines, insecurities that hover over our lives, that trigger us into this state of mental health.

Calm Down By Controlling Your Breathing

We have often been said to take a breath to calm us down. It works wonders and magic in its beautiful ways. Breathing slowly, taking deep and long breaths could help trick the nervous system into thinking that everything is calm now and thereby skip out of flight-or-fight response. Chest burns, racing heart, fast breaths, fear, anxiety, rapid heartbeat could all be put in check with a proper breathing exercise. If left unchecked, these could affect our life as we know it - mentally, physically or emotionally.

Pranayama As An Answer

Pranayama is a science of breathing adopted by yogic practitioners since the beginning of time in itself. This is a process to balance breathing and breath-retention that helps in improving the quality of life, longevity and mental health. The breath is observed, controlled and manipulated to change the entire functioning of the human body. Memory retention, blood circulation and oxygenation get improved due to a regular practice of pranayama. The parasympathetic nervous system is often easily targeted in entering the fight or flight mode, and for the very same reason, the solution lies here. Pranayama is the core of yoga that helps the parasympathetic nervous system in triggering a resting phase that allows the body to regenerate and return to a homeostatic state.

Take A Leap Of Faith And Try These

Our body requires a reset to revert from a fight or flight mode. Breathing exercises help a lot in calming down, relaxing and focusing on other essential things in life. While breathing, the abdomen should be part of the body expanding. The abdomen contracts when breathing out and empties. In case of anxiety or when the body is under stress, it might not be this way and needs to be matched. Try out this simple exercise on an empty stomach for better results. Meditation is often observing the breath, and this helps in getting a focussed control over the mind. Bringing focus to a wandering mind and swaying yourself from many thoughts could be the best thing one could do in decreasing the heart rate and breathing, thereby reducing anxiety and stress.

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