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Spinal Tumours And Its Best Treatments

Abnormal growth of tissue in the spine is called a tumour. It is highly rare to have tumours originating in the spine, and these are called primary tumours. These may or may not be cancerous. Only a proper diagnosis will help in deciding. Non-cancerous one is Benign tumours, and malignant tumour…

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Try These Breathing Techniques Next Time You Are In Stress

It is often observed that we are driven to extreme heart rates and faster breathing conditions during stress. The nervous system has a natural response to make the body ready to deal with stress, and this might not always be good for us. The nervous system often underestimates the emotion of fea…

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Tips To Minimize Back Pain

Back pain is a common health issue that is faced by most of the people in the world. Various reasons cause back pain. Some people experience acute and chronic pain in their back. People find it challenging to perform their daily activities when they suffer from chronic back pain. You may also re…

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Spinal Cord Injuries And Treatments

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